Welcome to the Kings Norton Farmers' Market

The market takes place on the second Saturday of every month between 9am and 2pm


“Know ye, that we, graciously cherishing the common good and benefit of the inhabitants of Kings Norton…do give and grant… that they hold and keep, to the sole and proper benefit and use of the inhabitants of the same town of Kings Norton…a market to be held and kept on Saturdays… Attested by the King at Westminster on the 14th May 1616”

King James I, 1616

The above charter was issued on the 14th May 1616 by King James I, to establish a market on the green at Kings Norton. It was re-established as a Farmers' Market in June 2005 by a group of local foodies and enthusiasts, with a passion for local produce.

The market is a great place to find seasonal produce, locally produced specialities, to meet the people who produce the products and is a chance to try something new.