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    Kings Norton Farmer’s Market

    September Newsletter  

    100 Markets

    Eight years and 100 Markets. Cold mornings getting the generators out and started, taking down the Market notices and no parking signs and setting out the banners. But eight years of friendly faces and waggy tailed dogs. Fresh veg and delicious cheese, great coffee and sausage sandwiches.


    Thousands of pounds to charities and good causes and the reciprocal good nature of the traders on the Green (see ‘Parking’) A hundred ‘community stalls’ The chance to get your message across whether you’re a scout or a friend of Brandwood Cemetery or run guide dogs for disabled people.  


    Meeting with the very best of people- The people of Birmingham, my home for 61 years!


    Old Friends and New Friends

    Squisito are back as are all the usual producers. Bake aren’t with us due to illness in the family. Our thoughts and best wishes go to them.


    The Changing Nature of Farmers Markets.

    We’ve always sold fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, seasonally game, eggs, poultry, cheese and bread. We are a strict FARMA market. We abide by their rules on food production. Proportion of local ingredients and added value, traceability and food miles are real issues for us. We’ve seen the gradual increase of prepared food and hot food over the last few years. People cook less and eat more prepared food. In the USA, a conversational gambit is ‘do you cook?’ and they mean do you cook AT ALL or just eat out? I think we’re going the same way. Markets devoted solely to ‘street food’ are springing up and perhaps we‘re tending towards that direction. What do you think? Reply via the website, Twitter or Facebook. We want to know.


    100th Market Celebration

    We’ve got lots of stuff for kids; circus skills &c. The Mayor and other councillors with the MP. Music from kids bands, freebies and producers old and new. You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren that you were there. Or you could just bring them along!



    Don't forget that we've negotiated free parking at the Bull and the Navigation. Their generous offers of a combined 100 or so parking places means market goers won't clog up the roads on the Green which is congested on the quietest days. Last market was marred by the presence of no less than three parked cars. We’ve got a licence to hold the market and we’ve got permission to close the road (which we have to pay loadsa money for!) There is a fine of up to £1,000 if people DO park on the road but how to enforce it? The police are convinced it’s the council’s job but the council only have a fixed number of ‘parking enforcement officers’ (used to be parking wardens) After last market, we’ve had to get onto the council via the local councillors and the engineers’ department and we’ve been promised enforcement and tow away. So, hopefully, those who find it difficult to read ‘NO PARKING’ will get a £1,000 reading lesson and the fun of retrieving their cars from a compound.


    Food Bank

    As a continuation of our efforts, we have a collection point for food for Cotteridge food bank. It’s on our community stall which is usually in the middle of the market. (It might be a gazebo this month). Tinned food or dry food in packets only please. Handling, storage and distribution of fresh food is not viable yet.


    Alan (El Gordo) Johnson

    SEE YOU SATURDAY 14th September!

    Buy a Bag!

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