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    Kings Norton Farmer’s Market

    January Newsletter


    Birmingham has been pretty lucky with floods but we're pretty high up. We get the rain, we get ALL the rain, but we only really get a flood if the drains get blocked up with leaves. Some of our producers come from more low lying areas. It never fails to amaze me though that they still get through. One year, we had a terrific snowstorm for the January market. The only lane to one producer's farm was blocked to a depth of 6 feet! Still, they got someone from an adjacent farm to pull their van through with a tractor and they were one of only 8 producers who made it, and on time. We thought we were martyrs for setting the thing up in sub zero temperatures. We don't know what hard work is by comparison.


    Pubs and Parking

    Don't know what the forecast is for Saturday but if you do get cold shopping at the market, you could warm up over a pint of well kept ale at one of our fabulous (and warm!) pubs on the Green, the Bull and the Navvy. Both offer free parking as usual.



    Did you know that the nation's favourite exotic fruit is the persimon? Never tasted one myself but apparently they've muscled kiwi fruit out of 1st place. This next bit makes me sound like a little Englander but I assure you I'm not. We don't sell persimons (is that even the plural?) We don't sell kiwi fruit although they apparently can be grown under glass in England, we don't even sell bananas. We sell our own superb apples. There are thousands of varieties grown here. We sell nuts, rhubarb, anything in season. As for vegetables, we have wonderful veg even at this time of the year. Honestly, try some fresh stuff that hasn't spent time in the cargo hold of a 747. You'll be glad you did.


    I've been Poorly

    For a good year now, I've been suffering from gallstones. I couldn't eat fat or cheese. I especially missed cheese. I had the little devils out in December but my recovery hasn't been straightforward (You'll get some idea if you've seen the exorcist). I'm getting better every day. I hope to be at the February (Valentine) market and I've already written a love letter to all the cheeses sold by Curds and Whey.

    Alan (El (not so) Gordo) Johnson

    SEE YOU SATURDAY 11th January!


    Buy a Bag!

    Wrap up Warm!

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