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    Posted On 6 Nov 2014 by Kings Norton

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    Kings Norton Farmer’s Market

    November Newsletter

    ARK Game

    Selling fresh food in season has only one drawback- The producer isn’t there all year! ARK Game is one such. He’s had venison, woodpigeon and he rears his own guinea fowl which is an interesting change. You should try it. After a few months, he’s gone again. Catch him while you can.


    Don’t forget to pay if you park at the Bull or the Navigation. It’s a pound.

    Market Newcomers

    We’ve got a really big market again on Saturday including Happy Gut, a pro-biotic yogurt producer. Wine, beer, bread, cakes, fruit, veg, meat, poultry, game, pies…. We’re like an open air department store and you can get a great coffee and hot food too.

    Christmas switch on Market on 27thNovember

    We’re a CIC. I’ve banged on about this before but here I go again. No-one gets paid. The difference between what we get from producers and what we pay out to rent stalls, close the road and pay for the market licence and the booze licence is used to support local good causes.

    This year, we’re partnering the cash strapped local authority and paying £1,500 towards the Christmas tree and lights on the Green. The paperwork is incredible, health and safety, a manual on what happens in the event of an incident, timings for the Mayor’s visit, where he parks the Jag, where Santa parks his sleigh (I’m not kidding here!), where the marching band, well; march. Plus organising a lighting tower and shelter in the event of rain. We’ve been organising this since February and there’s still stuff to do. Everybody on the committee has played a part but the real mainstay of this has been Elizabeth. Elizabeth is so mad on Christmas that she actually looks forward to snow. I KNOW it’s going to be great.

    Alan (El Gordo) Johnson

    SEE YOU SATURDAY 11th October!

    Buy a Bag!

    Bring a Friend!

    Put a note in your diary for 27th November!

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